Time & Material Engagement

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Time & Material Engagement

Time and Material engagements is another major area of our consulting practice. This delivery model is designed in such fashion which will be most suitable when clients want to place number of consultants with specialized technology practitioners, SME’s, on long term project engagements. Time & Material engagement model is perfectly suitable when the anticipated duration of the project cannot be forecasted as the requirements of the project might change from time to time. Projects are contracted on an hourly basis where the client is billed based on number of hours spent on his project by the service provider. To establish authenticity, each task is mapped to the total number of hours spent on each task and detailed reports regarding the ‘hours spent’ are sent to the client for cross verification. Time and material based engagement model are quite suitable for customers whose requirements are seasonal in nature and want to retain provider as their preferred solution partner throughout the year. Another benefit of such an engagement model is that it can easily adapt to the changing specifications/requirements of the project.

Centipros provides both onsite and offsite consulting options to clients and assumes full responsibility for the services and support of the consultants we provide.

The Benefits

  • State of art benchmark infrastructure –ready to use.
  • Access to a large and diverse pool of expertise enabling quick ramp up.
  • Access to benchmark software processes, ensuring high ROI.
  • Access to Inception’s project management capabilities.
  • Cost effective model suites any vertical.
  • Exploit time zone advantage.
  • Dedicated software team with long term focus. Enables knowledge retention.